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ergonBRO has found a way to reduce energy wastage by empowering users to make effective decisions in providing clean energy solutions.

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OUR VISION : "To be an Energy Partner in empowering users to make effective decisions in providing clean energy solutions"


WHY ergonBRO

Fully automated Solution provider

That provides a smart Advanced Automated Solutions for Industrial standards

Less reliance on outside help

Do not Depend outsource Technical knowledge.

You Can be an energy expert

it will train up, you to become an Energy expert.

Virtual Energy Advisor

Online Energy Coach, a customizable portfolio of hardware and software to help improve energy efficiency. Our breakthrough technology will help industries save money in their energy bills and also improve machine reliability through predictive analysis.



Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring provides information to make up to date informed decisions and it gives trends for your energy consumption.

Immediate Advise on Issues

Bro give Technical advice & solutions for Taking effective action

Root cause problem identification and elimination

ergonBRO identify root cause problems and How to solve a problem at work before they happen.


Bro gives alerts for every error, Alerts help to take predictive actions for Accidents, Breakdowns & Additional charges.

  • System synchronized RTC
  • MOD bus RTU Communication
  • 8 GB Backup storage
  • Indications for WiFi & SD Card Communication
  • Re-Programmable For any industrial standards smart energy meter
  • Real-time Data transmitting
  • Battery Backup
  • Additional sensors (vibration, Temperature, flow, etc…)
  • Access advise & Study
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • Dashboard Summary
  • Big Data Capability
  • Complete Industrial IoT cloud architecture capable of handling more than 100 million events.
  • End-to-End Enterprise-grade security implemented through HTTPS/SSL/HSTS/PKC.
  • Analytics platform capable of using ambient weather and multiple device characteristics for data visualization
  • Deep Neural Network based Energy Model to predict and optimize the energy consumption of industrial equipment.
  • Second-accurate thermal model of the entire building that allows us to drive Building Information Model Usecases




    GES Health Systems Private Limited is a subsidiary of GES group of companies, Coimbatore.

    The idea of ErgonBro evolved while conducting traditional Energy Audits at various institutions with savings accounting to more than 50 lakhs in Indian Rupees. Some of the distinguished clients include, Makino Private Limited, Cristy Foods, CARE AKPS Hospital, The India Air Force Sulur Station, Gibarco Veeder Root and many more.

    ErgonBro, was developed by a team of BEE certified Energy Auditors, industry maintenance engineers, subject knowledge experts from various institutions. Meeting clients expectations, ensuring user friendly application and empowering the end user on subject knowledge was given the highest importance.


    GES Complex, 401
    7th Street, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore – 643102 Tamilnadu, India.